Monday, April 11, 2011

Faux Pewter Card

Pewter has become so popular again, and is being included in a variety of craft projects. I love the aged look of pewter, but I found the pewter sheets were very expensive, and when you craft as much as I do, you have to go for the most cost effective options. So I decided to go with a technique that very closely resembles pewter but is actually just done on card, using embossing and embossing powder. This card is an example of what the end product looks like. I was actually quite chuffed with the result! This card would make a very elegant wedding invitation, or wedding card.
Have a great Monday guys!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shaped cards: The series

No long 'spieel' from me tonight. I am really bushed! Had a very busy day. Claire and I hit the ground running this morning! Then we took in a movie.....then all sorts! So I thought I would just post these cards that I did yesterday. They are so nice to make, they just seem to put themselves together. All cards available for purchase at HEARTS AND CRAFTS gift shop, 22 Rockview Road. See you again!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shaped card series: Pink Baby

I am having such fun with these smaller shaped cards. I think they are so precious. And this little teddy in the pink pram just smacks of cuteness! Ideal to use as a tag to accomany a gift for a new baby girl.
Talking of baby 'baby' girl is arriving tomorrow for a few days, and I can barely contain myself. She has to be back on Sunday to begin prac teaching next week, but 5 days is enough hey. So, you might not hear from me quite as often this week. Will be out having fun! Hope to get a bit of scrapping in though.....Claire is such a innovative, out-of-the box scrapper and she usually teaches me so much! So....'til next time...ciao!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sneak peak

Just had to give you a sneak peak ! I am making a new range of the cutest shaped cards. They will be smaller than my usual cards, but are really precious, and are ideal to use either as a card, or as a gift tag. There will be lots more to follow. Watch this space.
All my cards are available for purchase at HEARTS AND CRAFTS GIFT SHOP at 22 Rockview Road Doonside. This obviously only applies to my local followers.
Hope you are having a fabulous Saturday evening.